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Eric Vance

Chief Research Scientist | ANSTO


After completing a Ph.D. in atomic physics from Monash University in 1968, Eric R. Vance embarked on a career in research of nuclear waste. For 14 years, he worked as a manager for a group that handled immobilization of nuclear waste. In 2001, Dr. Vance assumed a position as chief research scientist for ANSTO. His daily responsibilities include planning and conducting experiments to increase the knowledge of immobilization of nuclear waste. With 45 years of professional experience, he develops innovative ideas, analyzes the results of his experiments, and keeps an accurate record of his work. Recognized by his peers as an industry leader, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Fellow of the Australian Ceramic Society, Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, and a member of the World Academy of Ceramics. Dr. Vance attributes his decades of success to his experience in a wide variety of areas in physical sciences, glass, ceramics, and concrete. In the coming years, he aspires to teach experimental techniques to professionals in his industry throughout the world. Additionally, Dr. Vance plans to become part of a business unit that researches and commercializes nuclear science and technology.

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